12 week program Let's Go DIEP!

For your health and happiness

You know you are born to do great things! Do you feel like you need some help designing and developing your path into becoming DIEP? This program is your solution!


The program is all about:


Finding your uniqueness and talents (Diversity) 

Developing your self-value, security, and safety (Inclusion)

Getting better insights into your position and knowing what to do to get ahead in life and at work (Equality)

Develop (personal) servant leadership for sustainable value & impact (Purpose)

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Part 1: The DIEP connection

We start with your DIEP profile to gain insight into your personality. 


With the offered techniques and online coaching, you will learn how to release stress, activate the power of your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and take it step by step. 

Part 2: Go DIEP-er

You create structure in your everyday life by actively working with the acquired knowledge and experience found in your DIEP profile. 


We will go a bit deeper with our techniques so you can start designing and developing your unique and realistic plan and goals on the go.

Part 3: You are DIEP- SMART

Connect your knowledge, and experience to your SMART and Personal Development Plan and goals.


For workplace performance, this means working in a structured, more effective, and more efficient way. For your overall daily life, you’ll be healthier and happier. We end the 12-week program by celebrating you.

Program FACTS