Are you a sheep
or a shepherd?

Let's Go DIEP

Sheep? What do you mean sheep? In this episode, Amrita and Thanh talk about how much we are willing to really have real conversations or dialogues with each other and with ourselves. And they also link it to a very on-topic example.  

The podcast in which Amrita and Thanh, two Millenials, are curious about the world in the year 2030. Millennials and GenZ have taken over every market in 2030.

So what does the world look like in 2030? These two generations demand Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Purpose (DIEP), and more focus on health & wellness. How do we come together from connection, what should we do? Join us on an adventure and let’s go DIEP!


This podcast is a 6-week co-creation project to inspire, educate and empower you regarding DIEP. It feels like you are getting a crash course masterclass in bite-size:) Complete episode guide:

Episode 1: an introduction on DIEP and Amrita, Thanh

Episode 2: What is Diversity?

Episode 3: What is Inclusion?

Episode 4: What is equality (and equity)?

Episode 5: What is  purpose?

Episode 6: Sheep or shepherd? 


Direct link to the podcast on Spotify is here.


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  • highlight and challenge of the past week of both Amrita and Thanh. They get personal and talk about what tey learned about themselves and each other in the last 6 weeks on co-creating this podcast show.
  • They talk about being a sheep or a shepherd and what the link is to Spotify and even the artist India Arie.
  • If you want to know what they are are talking about: read this article 
  • What do we think about it and our experiences? Is it really a challenge?
  • And really big advise is handed to you on how to start up with DIEP!
  • And a big shout out to Restaurant Chung, our “unofficial sponsor”. Visit or order great Chinese food here and enjoy!

About DIEP

The scope of the challenges and finding solutions to make sure we develop towards 2030 from true connection, requires co-creation. 



Thanh is specialized in healing through body and healing work. Amrita is specialized in DIEP, social design, and tech. We bring you the best of several perspectives. Yes, the power of diversity in practice! 


This podcast is all about discovering what is NOT and IS working as a global community. The language is Dutch, more so because Thanh and Amrita are Dutch/Asian (and so much more) and it is easier for guests to talk their own language or in whatever language we are comfortable in. 


If you wish to get involved, please follow up on this as well. We love inclusion!



The topics Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Purpose (DIEP) and (workplace) Health & Wellness can be experienced as “heavy” and “difficult” Let’s focus on connecting DIEP and see how we can develop as well as a community with more empathy. This one is about equality and purpose!


How wonderful would it be to have healthy and happy employees who are working every day on their own happiness, health, performance, and personal development?


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