How does Nike go DIEP?

Shenin Lebrun, Nike director tells us how

Are you wondering how big companies are going DIEP? You are not the only one. In this podcast episode, we welcome Shenin Lebrun at our table to talk about her DIEP experiences as Sales Director at Nike and now building her own company.

Shenin has started her career at Nike EMEA right after receiving her Bachelor’s degree. She talks about her reason why she chose a Bachelor degree, the recruitment process at Nike. Yes, she got a rejection at first! And how she coped with that. We also dive into a bit more on who Shenin is personally and what het drive is.

Watch/ listen. The audio is in Dutch. Translation available in the video in multiple languages

More on what she shared

How does Nike build-up from diversity with employee focus groups and what kind of value if has had for her. Her value of working at Nike and she developed her career. She gives us very interesting insights on talent development, performance and the “Work hard” mindset at Nike.

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Shenin gets personal and the purpose driven businesswoman comes out

It became a very interesting conversation regarding personal and career development, the need of having a vision and mission, and if was very interesting to learn what Shenin has learned overtime working at Nike. 


If you are in HR, a must-have to watch/listen. If you are interested in Nike and DIEP, dive into it. And if you are a professional looking to get more inspiration, education, and empowerment on developing your career or even becoming an entrepreneur, this is a 100% gift for you!



Add in how Shenin also developed her own movie! It took her some years but it was worth it! You can watch the movie on Netflix.



She worked herself up from junior to sales director and became a mom at the same time. How is she doing all of this along with building her own company Hustle & Heart?



Plus, she offers women mentorship to enhance careers, entrepreneurship, and how to smash those goals into reality.


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