The real meaning of diversity

and the different types

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Purpose (DIEP) for great sustainable workplace health & wellness is amazing.  Want to get started with DIEP? Great! Let’s start with the necessary knowledge about it. What is diversity? What is the real meaning of of it and what types are there?

Every individual and organization is unique. Diversity is all about that uniqueness. Start discovering, appreciating, and using the difference between people to your personal and company advantage. 


With diversity, you will focus on personal unique talents, skills, and personality.  It will develop over time. 

How often do you focus on the wrong things? People are mentally wired to look at the things that are not working. Such as making a “2 score” into a “5 score”. This makes no sense at all! Focus on making “a 5 score into an 8 score”. 


Diversity +35% sustainable value
Diversity meaning

See how you will develop faster with more fun and engagement. Find out what does work for you. And whats don’t just let it go. Or get it on a minimum level and add what you are missing in higher scores another way.


For example: when your team members all know their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), you can divide work better and people will be energized on the job on their SMART goals. The development goals will be aligned as well. 


You grow as a team together. What you are missing, you can decide to level up in scores overtime or hire better to complement the team. That’s where diversity does it magic.


The personal and company benefits are huge if you work with diversity this way. If you know what makes you as a persona and as company unique and amazing, focus on that! 

How often do you come across people and companies that have no idea about their greatness? It can be found in the company culture. With DIEP, you can start transforming into a unique culture and start reaping the benefits for the company, employees, customers and society.


Levels of diversity

Level 1: internal diversity

Internal diversity is related to unique specifics of a person.  You do not get to choose these. They are a fact. They are  (little to ) not changeable. Here are some examples of internal diversity: ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, cultural identity and gender identity.

Level 2: external diversity

External diversity is about the specifics of a person that can change over time due to external influences. Such as people in your surroundings and your environment.  Here are some examples of external diversity aspects: personal interests, educational direction, appearance, citizenship, religious beliefs, and familial status.

Level 3: organizational diversity

Organizational diversity relates to the differences between people assigned to them by an organization.  These are the characteristics within a workplace that distinguish one employee from another. Some examples are position, place of work, salary and seniority.

Level 4: worldview diversity

The fourth type of diversity is commonly known as a worldview. A multitude of factors come together to shape our worldview. Everyone ultimately has a worldview they adapt to. 


Worldview diversity changes with time. We see the world differently because we have new experiences and learn more about ourselves and each other. Check out political beliefs, moral compass, ethics and outlook on life over time and spot the differences.

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