The meaning and how you can recognise it

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Purpose (DIEP) for great sustainable workplace health & wellness is amazing.  Are you ready to get started with DIEP? Let’s start with learning the necessary knowledge about it. Let’s focus for now on inclusion. The meaning, and how to recognize it. 

Inclusion means all people have the right to be respected and valued as valuable members of our society. Pretty amazing right? Regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or needs. No need making distinction according to differences.  Find it in feelings of “belonging” It is also heavily related to human rights.  

Inclusion on a personal level

Do you think inclusion is a challenge? You are not alone. A lot of people and companies feel it is something they cannot wrap their hand around. 


People often describe it as a feeling. On a personal level is all about fully embraced in “being” as you. You are respected and accepted for all that you are.  No forcing behavior and mindset. 


However, it can me measured during day to day life. Ask yourself 1 quick question before, during and after your day at work: Did/ do I need to “adjust”? If your answer is no, congratulations, you are inclusive. If not, start wondering why not:) And that is the challenge within inclusion.

Inclusion +48% sustainable value

Inclusion on a company level


Inclusion within companies goes the same way. Can you truly state every employee can be themselves at all time? Does everyone feels connected and safe? This also applies to physical and mental safety. 


Think about how every employee can recognize themselves and others in any form of expression of a company. Some would claim they can tell you right away. This is false. To really research the level of inclusion takes time. Sometimes people just do not open up just like that. 


The sense of safety is extremely important. The same with the sense of trust. No trust and safety? You will never find out your level within the company. Start building trust and safety and develop into more research. 

How to recognize inclusion?

Check out the basics. If you are a person looking for a new job: Look at marketing and communication. The most common can be found in employer branding and labor market communication. Can you see it and feel it? Also, try to speak to current and former employees of the company. Listen to what they say and match it to your findings. 


It might seem a bit odd to say so. But a lot of companies have great intentions with diversity, inclusion, equality and purpose. They often have no idea their impact is the complete opposite going into tokenism and leading to cancel culture.


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