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Thinking about privilege and even talking about it seems like a challenging topic. It’s about self reflection, learning and challenging your own position. Even understanding the power imbalances you’re a part of.  Read about privilege and more.

About privilege

Having privilege does not mean a person is immune to the hardships of life. It means the person has an undeserved advantage or advantage that one receives in society. Examples of types of individual privilege are race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, country of origin, language, and/or property.

Are you privileged?

The process of becoming comfortable and being open to acknowledging, criticizing, and accepting your own privilege is not easy. You don’t suddenly do that. 


The moment you start understanding it, you will experience many insights and emotions you have never experienced before. It will help you understand your own privilege in relation to yourself. With the people around you, and how you serve society. 


It has a direct connection to purpose. The interpretation of your purpose is a How? question. How are you going to serve yourself, someone else, and our society? And how do you use your privilege (if you have) for the good?


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In every position you take as a person, you will experience how you help people who need resources and who often have to deal with different economic, educational, and environmental conditions than yours. . Especially if you are in a  leadership position. 


As a leader, you have a certain degree of authority and responsibility for employees, organization and society.

Leaders have access and are able to allocate the necessary resources that people need within and often cannot reach without help. You work from positions of privilege in relation to others. You should be extra alert to develop yourself in the recognition of privilege and the ethical and correct use of it.

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