The meaning and feeling

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Purpose (DIEP) for great sustainable workplace health & wellness is amazing.  Are you ready to get started with DIEP? Start up with necessary knowledge about it. Let’s focus for now on purpose. Read more about the meaning and feeling that comes along with it.

About purpose

Purpose is about meaning. It is at the highest level of existence as a person and company. The questions you ask when you are starting up with it are: 


  • Why are you/the company here on earth?
  • What do you / the company that is of value for yourself /  others- customers and for the entire society?
  • How do you express this in sustainable and valuable impact?
Purpose +52% sustainable value

To serve is to lead

Purpose driven girl

Ever heard of serving leadership? Some people believe serving is making yourself small. It is the opposite. Serving making yourself so big. You become the partner in valuable sustainable impact. 


You serve employees, customers, the company, and society. Serving takes on a whole other level of responsibility, accountability, and understanding. 



Start feeling it!

We all know people that light up the entire room when they start talking about what they love to do. That sparkle in their eyes, the higher vibrations. It is infectious! The purpose is the fuel of passion. Doors will open en energy will go up! 


WE are not saying it is easy to find out what your fuel is. It takes time and energy. Most often starts and develops into a natural state of being. But only when you start focussing on it completely! And that is the tricky part of it. It is worth your energy though:)

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