Best practices to work

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Looking for best practices to work from home or even anywhere? The Corona virus appears to have caused quite a challenge for working people in the Netherlands (and the rest of the world). Going to the office is not possible, so we all work from home en masse. Especially working online appears to be a new way of working for many. Here are some tips.

Stick to your morning routine

Even the simplest task of getting dressed is important. The temptation to work in your pajamas is great. Of course, a comfortable choice of clothing is fine. Research by Regus shows that 74% of the international workforce agrees. 

Dress yourself up and get into your work atmosphere faster. Comfortable clothing and a fresh head will at least ensure that you will be motivated and focused.

Tell yourself why you're doing this

Sounds a bit vague but it is often the ultimate form of motivation. Don’t let Corona stop you. Why do you get up every day with the energy to go to work and enjoy your work? Can you match the personal purpose with your employer and your work?   A good match gives you extra motivation and energy. If not, then this challenging Corona period may be the ideal time for you to get started. What makes you happy and how do you want to see this reflected in your employer and your work?

Create structure

Start the day with a review of the goals. Given the special circumstances, are these still realistic? Some activities can only be carried out with a lot of human contacts. Set realistic goals and plan activities to do. Tip: write the company purpose and personal purpose at the top of your objectives.


Develop a to-do list and cross it off when you’ve completed a task. You will get even more satisfaction when crossing off because you are constantly reminded that you live from your purpose. That gives a satisfying feeling! Is your to-do list finished? End your workday by shutting down your laptop and your mind. Tomorrow is a new day.

Work nicely and safely at your home workplace

Make sure you have access to the online work environment and make sure you have a good home office. Are you not sure whether you have safe online access and your workplace is set up properly? Check with your employer if remote assistance can be offered. A nice and safe home workplace is necessary to be able to work well.

Discover your talent and use it to form a complementary team

At rest, one is often the most creative. There is more room to experiment to improve certain activities, to develop to perhaps just out of pure curiosity, to start. At these moments you often find out what makes you happy, where your talent is and how you want to use it.


Are you/ will you find out? Discuss this with your team. This leads to more insight into each other’s wishes and talents. You can be complementary to each other within your team. You do your work with great pleasure, someone else too.

Find out what your preferred way of working is

One person loves the open office space, the other one hates it. Research shows a clear link between absenteeism and the open-plan office. People who listen in unwanted, too much noise. All stimuli lead to extra fatigue.


In general, working in blocks is the most productive. Be clear when you are reachable and also when you are not. This also applies to turning notifications from email and WhatsApp on/off. Concentrated work can be promoted with this.


Fun fact: our founder Amrita Joerawan was interviewed by the AD and she indicates that after searching she has found her best way of how to do her concentration work. When working, she listens to binaural beats. Read the interview here.


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