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In 2019, our founder, Amrita Joerawan, was asked to give a masterclass at Heineken’s Supply Chain department. On the initiative of two employees, an afternoon was organized in which the participants were given the ins and outs about DIEP.

In recent years, Heineken has shown its intention to become diverse and inclusive within the company. After all, the Heineken brand is sold internationally and it seems to be a given to put diversity and inclusivity on the agenda as a development theme for the coming years.

The report ‘What Works & Why’ shows companies want to stimulate interactivity with their brands with their advertising and support the dialogue, choosing three key ingredients:


  • authenticity by responding to the local situation and local commerce; 
  • credibility by using niches based on age, 
  • occupation or interest and finally the universal customs.

The best companies and brands don't sell a product, they focus on purpose.

Heineken has made adjustments to the packaging in recent years, such as a special label because of Pride Day in which the LGBT community is celebrated. Further development of the product based on target group wishes such as non-alcoholic beer and campaigns aimed at the female target group for specific types of beer have been implemented.


With the slogan “open your world” she focuses on the Millenials. Heineken is certainly not (yet) DIEP, but with a first step to be informed, a step is made.

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