Celebrate International Women's day 2021!

with diversity, inclusion, equality, and purpose

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2021! Our founder Amrita Joerawan was a guest at Women in Tech. She talked about the pains, gains of companies and employees and how diversity, inclusion, equality and purpose (DIEP) is the solution.

The webinar is packed with education about diversity, inclusion, equality and purpose. Amrita discussed what it really is (! Not what the media is telling you), the value and with three business cases as real-life inspiration from Nike, Netflix and Pepsi, it is clear how sustainable Return On Investment is the result of DIEP as an unique strategy. 


“Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2021! As a POC STEM woman, I am very excited about all women finally getting together to claim their right to thrive!” 


Many women, especially in the Tech world are facing big challenges regarding their uniqueness (diversity), feeling as they belong (inclusion), being treated as equal (equality) and finding meaning in their work by serving (purpose). 


Somehow, that worries me. So instead of letting it go, I made sure I can make a difference for someone else. This also means sharing more about my company and my own experiences. Amrita Joerawan

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