Representation matters

with diversity, inclusion, equality, and purpose

This is an ode to diversity. Where we value differences, recognize and investigate where the opportunities and possibilities are. In honor of Diversity Day 2020 a  special with a special interview with two enterprising women with purpose, diversity and inclusion.

Recognizing yourself in another is inspiring. That’s why representation is important. It matters.


How often do you meet someone you recognize yourself in? Being yourself and recognizing this in another person is of great importance. Research shows it is often the stereotypical images we see. A certain specific group is addressed, the other group is not. 


Most people can’t identify with this. And that is a real shame because representation leads to (self)appreciation, inspiration, and innovation. 

How many female entrepreneurs with a (multi)cultural background do you know who have built a successful business based on purpose, diversity and inclusion?

We know many of them. We have also found out that many (young) women do not know them. We are actually quite shocked by that. CIC Rotterdam too. That’s why we rolled up our sleeves to provide evidence. For inspiration, education and empowerment.


Our own founder Amrita is sitting on the couch and Anita Abaisa from Black Ladies Talk joins us. Both women have a lot in common and are different from each other. And yet, they find each other. They celebrate each other’s diversity and in daily life, they turn this into opportunities and possibilities.

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