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Develop your unique DIEP & practical business case


Are you looking for the know-how and tools to develop your DIEP  business case for your company but you don’t know how or what? This workshop is what you are looking for!

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Part 1: Start with the basics about DIEP and workplace health & wellness

We dive into inspiration and brush up on your knowledge. You will get a sneak peek of the Future of Work. For inspiration, we share 4 successful business cases with you incl challenges, opportunities and statistics.  


At the end of part 1, you will be able to draw up the first part of your business case.

Part 2: Building your unique business case and connect it to your company

We find out what the possibilities are for quick wins and medium and long-term options. We are zooming in on the 7 DIEP evergreen guidelines and connecting  them with your company information. 


The result is a unique SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) review of your company on going DIEP.

Part 3: Get you evidence/ proof ready with a practical plan of action

You need to convince your stakeholders to go DIEP. We are adding “evidence/ proof” of why it is worth it. Get ready to dive into one of the quick-wins options.


We give you the tools to design and execute a try-out within your company. 

Remember, getting your evidence/ proof can be done with: low budget, high impact, and with fun!


Increase employee engagement & workplace health & wellness. Set yourself up for success!

FACTS workshop

The Founder of Ganes Solutions, Amrita Joerawan will be your guide during the workshop.