About us

Ganes Solutions was founded in 2020 by Amrita Joerawan in Rotterdam. What started as a freelance gig, is now an agency specialized in developing the Future of Work with our clients. Together we develop company culture and Millenials and GenZ to improve mental health at work and their careers.

Our (inter)national clients prioritise genuine attention to their employees and are committed to working strategically, practically, and with enthusiasm. Achieving this requires authenticity, courage, and a determination to make a real impact.

Our values


We believe in being true to yourself and employee and company uniqueness. We celebrate autonomy. We learn from each other and offer support. Everyone has their life journey and is valued and respected.


Life is too short and beautiful. Everyone needs to thrive. Thriving requires courage. We experience development and change as an adventure. As something new, fun and exciting.


We will find a way together. By owning our sense of belonging, we make impact. We embrace emotions, needs and critical thinking.